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Screen time can be detrimental to your health

Computer screens, phones, tablets, and TVs all emit a type of blue light that can cause harmful effects on your eyes, sleep disturbances, headaches, and more. All colors of light have different wavelengths. Blue light has a very short wavelength and more energy than other colors. Your eyes can filter out some types of light, but they aren’t able to filter out blue light… which means that virtually all of the blue light in your environment continually hits your retina.

Optical Defense Glasses are your weapon against blue light

Optical Defense Glasses block out 99% of only the wavelength associated with blue light, keeping it from hitting your retina. This prevents damage to your eyes as well as alleviating the other negative effects of blue light… like hormone disruptions that cause insomnia and cravings, as well as headaches and mood problems. Wearing Optical Defense glasses is easy… they’re comfortable, lightweight, and they won’t interfere with your vision in any way.
Optical Defense glasses come in four colors and are stylishly designed so that you’ll look as good as you feel wearing them. Just slip them on when you’re in front of your computer… And be sure to wear them if you’re watching TV or looking at your phone before bedtime. You’ll notice less eye strain, fewer headaches, and better sleep immediately… and over time, Optical Defense will protect your vision from problems like early macular degeneration and cataracts.

Quality you can feel

Optical Defense glasses are comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time. Made of lightweight, durable material, they’re built to last! You’ll appreciate details like the flexible, no-pinch hinges and the sturdy mortise metal frames. Soft, silicone nose pads and rounded earpieces mean a comfortable fit… you’ll forget you’re wearing them until you notice how much better you feel.