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Many of us work too hard. With our schedules packed with errands, activities, projects and events, it’s easy for us to forget ourselves. Cajeput is an essential oil that helps remind us to take care of our hearts, minds and bodies while linking us to the natural world.

Cajeput essential oil is the ally of professional athletes, active seniors and anyone seeking to support the body after exertion. Cajeput is often combined with various mints, and other botanicals to make lotions, balms and salves for the after-shocks of strenuous exercise. Its powerful aroma is also used as an inhalant to combat the woes of seasonal maladies.

Gentle diffusion of Cajeput in office environments — with or without other essential oils — helps fight drowsiness and enliven the air with its dynamic, menthol-like aroma.

Cajeput shares a wide range of properties with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree (they are both in the same genus, Melaleuca) in natural composition and aroma. Native to Australia and Asia, Cajeput essential oil is extracted from the leaves of 50-100 foot evergreen trees using steam distillation. Much of the essential oil is produced on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

The name “cajeput” is derived from its Indonesian name, “kayu putih” or “white wood.” The trees have a grey-white papery bark and gorgeous white, pink and purple flowers. Because of its beauty, the trees are often used in landscape design and are also known as River Tea Trees, Weeping Tea Trees and Punk Tree.