Cedarwood Himalayan


Like Cedarwood Atlas, Cedarwood Himalayan has excellent properties in supporting and maintaining a healthy respiratory system, especially during those (seemingly) never-ending winter months! Added to skin care products, it can help balance oily skin, and it is a wonderful oil to diffuse for emotional support.


Botanical Name: Cedrus deodara

Origin: India

Method: Steam Distillation

Plant Part: Wood

Note: Base

Family: Pinaceae

Synonym: Deodar Cedarwood

Blends Well With: Patchouli, Sandalwood, and woods

Aroma: Rich, woody, warm, earthy, and slightly-sweet

Consistency: Medium

Color: Clear – Pale Yellow

Himalayan Cedarwood trees (a close relative of Atlas Cedarwood) were thought to be indestructible for centuries. By using Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil, we have the chance to embody and harness that same strength.

Himalayan Cedarwood has a rich earthy aroma with slightly sweeter notes than Atlas Cedarwood. It ‘empowers the lungs’ according to various aromatherapy experts. When life’s challenges surface unexpectedly, diffusing Himalayan Cedarwood can help support your emotions. It is harmonizing and subtly relaxing. Typically, it pairs well with a range of other essential oils.

Derived from the wood of Himalayan evergreen trees through a steam distillation process, Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil is gorgeously aromatic. The cedar tree is from ancient Egypt, to India, Tibet, the Mediterranean, and North America.