Fir Needle


Hiking through a vast and lush forest can make you feel incredibly united with nature. Fir Needle’s aroma can help you forget about modern troubles and help release stress.

Although Fir trees have become synonymous with Christmas, Fir Needle essential oil’s aroma is a magical addition throughout the year. Many cultures call Fir Trees the “forest healer” because of their legendary health-promoting properties.

The woody, bright, fresh aroma is used to scent home and personal care products, herbal soaps and cleansers.

Derived from the needles of the evergreen tree, Fir Needle essential oil is extracted through a steam distillation process. It pairs exceptionally well with other ‘outdoor’ aromas such as Lavender, Spruce, Eucalyptus and Rosemary.



Botanical Name: Abies sibirica
Origin: Russia
Method: Steam Distillation
Plant Part: Needles
Aroma: Fresh, woody, similar to the scent of an open and sprawling forest
Note: Middle
Consistency: Medium
Color: Colorless to pale yellow clear
Blends Well With: Pine, Cedarwood, Lavender, Spruce and Rosemary