COOLING COMFORT: The Cooling Waterproof Mattress Protector pad is known for its cooling comfort and moisture resistance. The comfortable quilted top layer is a hypo-allergenic cooling layer made from 350 GSM microfiber layer for the allergen-sensitive. Unlike full-polyester mattress pads, which can be too hot, the Cooling Mattress Pad provides protection and cool comfort for a good night’s sleep.
HIGH QUALITY PAD: This waterproof mattress protector is a quality choice with layers of protection. Moisture resistant layers include a honeycomb-quilted breathable 350 GSM microfiber top layer, a microfiber/polyester hollow-fill middle layer for moisture wicking and absorbency, and a soft vinyl bottom layer for peace of mind. Wake up on a dry mattress every morning!

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EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: Our three layers of moisture resitant material are soft enough to go unnoticed and won’t inhibit normal circulation or interrupt a comfortable night’s sleep. The fitted skirt is made of 90 GSM poly-stretch microfiber designed to keep the mattress pad in place — even for the most restless sleepers. Packaged in a clear zipper bag-case with product info card graphics and a carrying handle for retail or storage.
EASY CARE: The Classic Waterproof Mattress pad is machine washable with layers of durable material to extend the life of the pad. Machine wash in warm water with mild detergent and tumble dry on low heat setting or hang dry for best results.

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