Experience the contouring comfort of full-body support with our Cooling Body Pillow. We’ve wrapped the reserved, responsive comfort of puffed memory foam in a gel-infused memory foam shell for the ultimate in sculpting support throughout the night. Wrapped in our exclusive responsive cooling cover, your purchase also includes a 100% cotton pillowcase specifically designed to fit our body pillow.

  • Loft: Medium
  • Firmness: Soft
  • Fill: Puffed memory foam
  • Cover: A woven blend of cooling FRíO® and TENCEL Lyocell responsive fabric
  • Pillowcase: 100% Cotton
  • Available sizes:
    • Body: 43″ x 16″
  • Limited 3 year warranty

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Machine wash your body pillow cover and pillowcase weekly for optimal freshness. Simply unzip to remove the memory foam fill. Launder the cover and case with like colors on a warm cycle. Tumble dry low.

Our fade-free promise ensures that the cooling properties built into our FRíO® fibers won’t wash out, lasting the lifetime of the pillow. Plus, the antimicrobial properties on our silver treated products remain active for over 50 washings and never impact the comfort or softness of our fabrics.