Vitamin C Reset Powder

POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS – Vitamin C ReSet comes in a delicious, sparkling berry flavor and delivers 2,222% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C
VITAMIN C POWDER – Also known as ascorbic acid, plus our proprietary vita berry blend, combines organic acerola, organic tart cherry and whole fruit complex
MIX IT UP – With 2,000 mgs of vitamin C per 7 gram scoop it’s easy to divide the dose into smaller portions and can be mixed with water or in a smoothie
PLUS POTASSIUM – Vitamin C ReSet also provides over 407 mgs of potassium from potassium sorbate as an electrolyte boost
60 SERVINGS PER CANISTER – Each 7 gram scoop of berry flavored goodness contains 2,000 mgs of vitamin c, 407 mgs of potassium, our proprietary Vita-C Fruit Blend and germinated barley seed powder


Vitamin C ReSet® powder offers a high-quality source of vitamin C and other nutrients to support quick absorption, custom dosing, versatility, and convenience. This makes this Completement Formula perfect for people wanting to meet their daily vitamin C requirements while providing a pleasant flavor-masking experience for liquid minerals.

Sparkling berry flavor ascorbic acid powder
Serving size – 7-gram scoop
60 servings per canister
Vitamin C powder – 2,000 mg
Potassium 407 mg
Proprietary Vita-C Fruit Blend
Germinated barley seed powder
Why People Choose This Completement Formula
Rapid Absorption
Vitamin C ReSet®’s powdered ascorbic acid dissolves quickly in liquids, promoting faster absorption in the digestive system compared to tablets or capsules, which need to break down before releasing the vitamin.

Gradual Release
This drinkable vitamin C can be sipped slowly, providing a more gradual release vitamin C over time. This can be particularly useful for individuals who require a sustained intake rather than a single large dose.

Lower Digestive Upset
Higher doses of vitamin C from supplements can sometimes cause gastrointestinal discomfort in sensitive individuals. Vitamin C ReSet® allows for smaller, more frequent doses, potentially reducing the risk of digestive issues.

Avoid Binders + Fillers
Vitamin C ReSet® contains fewer additives, fillers, and binders compared to some tablet or capsule formulations, providing a more concentrated and pure source of vitamin C while offering an easy-to-consume alternative to large capsules or tablets that include extra ingredients to remain stable.