Imperial Mattress Warranty

Imperial Mattresses are locally made. Our warranty covers workmanship, manufacturer’s defects, and materials. If a problem arises with any of our mattresses we will perform an inspection to find out the cause. If we find that is a factory fault we will repair or replace it as long as the fault is reported within a reasonable time frame. Any manufacturer’s defects should be seen within one year.

Bending your mattress will void your warranty. Mattresses picked up from the store and delivered are signed for receiving in good condition. Great caution must be taken when moving your mattress. Be careful not to fold or bend your inner-spring mattress and avoid narrow hallways or spiral staircases so that this does not occur.

Improper maintenance will void your warranty. Click here to see how to properly maintain your mattress.

Buying the right mattress for your weight
The bedding industry recommends that anyone over 170lbs sleep on an orthopedic. The heavier a person is, the thicker the mattress they need. We carry mattresses from 4” to 16” thick. Your mattress should be evaluated every 7 years for comfort and support to know if it’s time for a replacement. Persons with a heavy weight may need to replace their mattress more frequently to ensure continuous comfort and support. Persons weighing between 250 – 400 pounds will be most comfortable on a mattress that is at least 10 inches in thickness. Persons over 400 pounds should consider a mattress that is 14 inches thick or higher. We recommend that persons over 250 pounds consider the Imperial Majestic mattress and up. Click here for more information on this topic.

With this being said, no refund will be given for a mattress that is sunken in prematurely due to the wrong mattress choice.

What happens if the mattress I purchased is too hard or too soft?
All mattresses are packaged in a plastic bag. Once this bag is removed the mattress cannot be returned. Once a mattress is slept on, it becomes a personal item and cannot be returned or resold for sanitary reasons. You will not be able to exchange your mattress if it is out of the original plastic packaging, stained, unsanitary, or damaged. If you are not sure that you will like your mattress beforehand we suggest leaving the plastic on for the first night. If you find that the mattress is too hard or too soft we must be notified within one day.  If you decide to exchange your mattress you will be charged a restocking fee equal to 15% of your original mattress purchase price and a re-delivery fee.